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Watercolour Monstera Leaf

Watercolour Monstera Leaf

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Unleash your creativity with this stunning watercolor monstera leaf notebook! The perfect companion for journaling, sketching, brainstorming, or simply jotting down your thoughts and ideas.

The notebook features a beautiful watercolor monstera leaf design on the cover, setting the mood for your creative journey. 

Measuring 14.8x21cm, the Watercolour Monstera Leaf Lined Notebook is the perfect size for both portability and spaciousness. Slip it into your bag or backpack, and you'll always have a slice of paradise within arm's reach.

The notebook's matte finish adds an elegant touch to your writing experience, making each page a pleasure to write on. Your pen glides effortlessly, and your thoughts flow smoothly as you fill the pages.

The casewrap binding ensures that your journal withstands the test of time, preserving your precious notes and ideas. The flexible sewn spine allows the notebook to lie flat when opened, enhancing your writing comfort and convenience.

 Care Instructions 

To keep your journal looking as fresh and vibrant as the day you got it, simply use a soft, clean, and dry cloth to gently brush away any dust or dirt from the center of the book outwards.

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